NORM/TENORM Awareness - U.S. Version

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Mark Krohn



Developed specifically for the oil and gas industry, this course will give you an understanding of the hazards associated with NORM/TENORM and related personnel protection practices.

This course uses U.S. units of measurement for radiation and radioactivity and meets the minimum training requirements in 29 CFR 1910.1096(i) and 10 CFR 19.12.

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You will learn:

  • Where to find NORM/TENORM in the workplace
  • The types of radiation associated with NORM/TENORM
  • The difference between radiation and contamination
  • Units of radiation and contamination measurement
  • The risk associated with NORM/TENORM as compared to other everyday hazards
  • Dose minimization (ALARA) practices
  • Ingestion and inhalation minimization practices
  • PPE requirements
  • Immediate actions during fires, explosions, and medical emergencies


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate NORM Awareness - U.S. Version

Introduction and Origins of NORM/TENORM
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Quiz #1
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Radiation and Units of Measurement
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Quiz #2
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Dose Limits and Biological Effects
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Quiz #3
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Contamination and Work Area Controls
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Quiz #4
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Risk, ALARA, and Emergencies, Part 1
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Risk, ALARA, and Emergencies, Part 2
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Quiz #5
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Introduction to Final Exam
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Final Exam
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Added 3 months ago, by Caleb
Added 3 months ago, by Jaime
I felt that this course was biased to encourage people completing it (workers) to not believe that NORM and TENORM are an important hazard in the work place. The last sections about comparative risk downplay the health effects that exposure can have. This could lead to workers not practicing safe working habits if they do not view the contaminant as a real risk. Another section could be added at the end to highlight safe work practices that should followed to keep the rem dosages low.
Added 3 months ago, by Eric
Added 3 months ago, by Anonymous
Very informative course with lots of useful information.
Added 3 months ago, by Brian
informative and makes me feel safer understanding the low risk associated with TENORM/NORM and helped me understand PPE necessary working around it.
Added 4 months ago, by Morgan
Added 4 months ago, by David
Added 4 months ago, by Nicholas
Added 4 months ago, by Samuel
Added 4 months ago, by John

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